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October 23rd

My birthday was in a week, suddenly it seemed like a great present to myself to get my ass home. It was about 3 in the morning. Our computer was still with us, I guess I out-waited them. They ended up leaving after a while of me sitting watching the fake-edit job they were trying to pull off. T was in bed with a fever that made him shake like jello. I was packing frantically trying to beat the sunlight. Karan was meditating in the living room in silence. The night was cold. As I packed I couldn’t help but feel frustrated, I started throwing things inside the luggage to relieve my stress. I just thought this was bullshit. We were running away like we did something, this was just weird and why was it happening to me? Why was I in this stupid situation losing my dignity every step of the way? T finally got up, he couldn’t handle the stuff throwing anymore. He got up from bed and gave me a huge hug. It's gonna be alright little bear, he said. By that time the tension in my body was such I just burst into tears. I was pissed honey. He took the phone and called Canada. His father picked up. Dad: Hello? T: Dad. Dad: hi T, how are you? T: We are coming home tomorrow dad. Dad: Oh? Why, is everything all right. T: No, nothing is all right. We just heard a phone conversation and we feel its better to come home now. Dad: Well, I guess. You know better. Just be safe. Do they know you are leaving? T: No. Dad: Oh….well maybe you should let them know son. T: They dont deserve it. Let them figure it out. Dad: Not a good idea son. Its better to say what you need to say. T: Well. I dont know. Well see how it goes but we are coming home tomorrow. I love you dad. Dad: I love you son. T hung up the phone and went back to bed. I continued packing in frustration but at the same time I felt relieved. I was taking my ass home. I wasn’t about to spend my birthday with these people around me. I was done. The sun was creeping up, the light was starting to make weird shadows in the room. I could see the crows flying around outside our window. Bachu was in the kitchen making tea. Exotic birds were flapping their wings and calling out to the new day. The new beginning. The ritualistic Indian Honking of car horns was about to begin. It was time to leave. I went out to the kitchen and got some chai for T. Came back into the bedroom and woke him up. Time to go baby. It's time to go home. The sound of those words was like taking a Klonopin with a shot of mezcal. All you junkies out there know what I’m talking about. Home…..echoed inside my head, the sound of that word was like breathing underwater. Click those heels Dorothy, there’s no place like home. Karan knocked on the door and woke me from my fantasy drug daydream. Back to life Dorothy, and Evermean is still out there trying to get you. Better get your ass up on out of this town before the sun hits noon! We got up, grabbed our bags and stated out the door and down the dark stairway unto the street. Bachu followed. At the bottom of the stairs, I hugged Bachu for the last time. Thank you my friend. The man looked very confused, very, very confused. Karan was hiding inside the doorway seeing us part. We started loading the luggage into the small car like it was second nature. Get out of Delhi, Karan insisted. Ok, ok Karan my friend . We will. The last bag was loaded, a small bag of work tapes we didn’t know what to do with lay on the floor beside the cab. I looked at it for a moment, hesitated but then put it in along with my hand bag. We were packed and ready to go home. First stop, Canadian embassy. Thank you please. The cab started on its way, I looked out the window at Defence Colony, in all its decadent splendor I was leaving it behind. Cows rummaging on bushes, the gated park we had down the street. I looked at Troy and said to him, there’s no turning back. I know, he said. I don’t care. We made our way through to the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi 7 am traffic. The cab waited at the gate for them to authorize our entry. Big men with bigger guns guarded the gate. We hauled our bags inside the embassy, we walked through endless green gardens into a beautiful waiting hall. An Indian woman stood inside a glass security booth and called us to the window. Yes, please. Sit. What is your trouble? Well, T said, I was working for a Production company and well....hum?, how should I say this....Suddenly, I interrupted; We are being chased by evil Bollywood producers!!! They wanted to steal everything from us and get rid of us today. So we ran away. Madam, calm down. She said to me. I will give you a piece of paper and you can write down your troubles. Then you can go about your business and someone will contact you later. But, we wanted to see if you could escort us to the airport, we want to go home and we feel our lives are in danger. I said in anguish. Yes, thank you please, you may write all this on the piece of paper and the appropriate person will look into your case. We will get back to you in a few days. We are just so busy, with Chrétien visiting and all. You know, the Prime minister. Well, everyone is out of the office today. But we wanted to leave today for Canada, I said. Well, in that case you should be fine then. No, I don’t think so lady. These people are capable of anything. Look, we are scared, is there anything we can do? Oh, I am so sorry madam. Here, there is an 800 number here. You may call that if you should need anything. 1-800-save my ass. Ok then, I guess we should go then. Thank you so much. Here is the report we filled out. Oh yes, I will take that and start a file for you. She said. Then as she walked away she said: And don’t forget to call us if you need us! As she disappeared into the back of her glass protection, I could see our protection fading away. We headed out to look for a hotel where we could leave our things until we had to leave. Our paranoia was such we switched cabs three times before we found a hotel downtown. We walked in and all I saw was green berets walking around. Oh shit. I said out loud. T was so dazed and confused he barely noticed all the berets. We walked casually towards the front desk where the clerk asked us for our passports. There was no way of checking in without a passport. But we are only here for a few hours sir. No matter madam. I need passport. Thank you please. I am not sure how many hotels are in New Delhi, but if they wanted to they could eventually find us. We had no time to waste. We walked up to our room and left our luggage, the small bag of work-tapes was bothering me. I should have left it behind. But what if they wanted to destroy them and blame me for it? I guess I made the right choice. Lets go to the post office, I said to T. I need to send these tapes to the office. I am not getting on a plane with these things. Ok, he said. We walked out and carried the bag to the post office around the corner. The place was like an old James Bond movie set. Large rustic wooden tables staked up with Indian mail. Some kids on the corner sewing fabric bags together. That’s how they package things there, by sewing large packages in cotton fabric. And a bowl of glue for your postage sticking needs at the center of a marble table. I walk in and put the bag of tapes on the counter, they ask me: Address? Oh yes, here. I hand them the piece of paper where I had the office address written. Mumbai, he mumbled. Yes I said. That’s where the main production office is. Very well, you want fast delivery or slow delivery. I thought for a moment, slow. Ok. Done thank you please, here is receipt for shipment. Keep it safe, In case of any misunderstanding. I took a mental note of that warning. We head back to the hotel. Police cars swooshed by us causing my heart to race. I knew by now they would be looking for us no doubt. The sun said noon and we were still at large. Back inside our bedroom there was a little bit of peace but I knew we still had to go buy the plane tickets. I left T to rest and went to another hotel nearby to an Air Canada office. I had Ts credit card and was ready to buy our tickets to freedom. Hello madam, can I help you? Yes I said. Two tickets to Calgary on the next flight you got. Well, lets see. He said, I have a 12:45 am flight direct to Toronto and then switch planes to Calgary there arriving at 12 noon the next day. I'll take them, I said. Would that be all right? Yes that would be all right, very all right. You have no idea how all right that sounds!