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Keep walking...

I keep walking My life is a constant going, moving, inhaling, exhaling. Inhaling….here I go again, exhale and it hurts. Letting go, moving on. But it’s impossible to only inhale. Maybe impossible to stay. I’m always leaving to go to the next place To go somewhere else To go find, go seek I’m a seeker, sometimes lost in the search but still seeking To return to the place I’ve left To the people I left and loved and found and left with strain But I keep walking and I leave and I leave again and again Not knowing when or if I’ll return And it hurts but I can’t help it My feet, they have these wings that won’t stop flapping with the wind And they take me places I’ve never been But only flying keeps me keen My feet they keep on dancing making wind My hands are shaking, I have to go To a place I’ve never been before I keep walking, dancing, flying and seeking strangers to love Loving and then letting go My chest gets tight, I leave my soul, the pain takes over and I let go It’s in my nature, I just can’t help it I keep on walking along I keep on leaving I keep on coming I keep on going, Just go... Let go Breathe... Inhale... Exhale... Let go.... Keep on walking girl... Go.