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Arrested development

At the airport eating a sandwich and waiting for our flight, I though to myself. How exaggerated am I! I thought we were gonna get killed in India or kidnapped. I actually feared for my life and It's not a good feeling let me tell you. I was imagining those crazy Indians running after us through dark stinky New Delhi alleyways. It was a nightmare I was creating every minute, as we waited for this moment in that stinky hotel room downtown. Oh that must have been the longest wait I have ever had. Counting the minutes until we had to leave for the airport. Wondering if someone was going to be waiting for us outside out hotel with guns in hand. Oh I don't know. All I can say is it was torture. I was happy to be watching Ally McBeal and on my way back to my superficial life in Los Angeles. I was looking forward to going to the Santa Monica pier and walking around with my 5 dollar frappuccino looking like the hot Latina I am. Little did I know. As I took the last bite of my sandwich I saw T's face turning beet red. "What's wrong?" I said to him. He then turned a pale shade of Canadian (if you can imagine how pale that is) and pointed to the cafeteria entrance. "They're here" He muttered. NO! They can't be, they are not allowed in the airport unless they have a plane ticket! That last bite of sandwich spat out of my mouth as I said to him, "Oh shit!" The crazy Indians were here. And they were walking towards us. It was that traitor Gorov and a military police man, they charged at us like bulls to a red cape. I stood up in a rage and got all that was Mexican out of me. As they drew close to us, Gorov, pointed his dirty finger at me and said in Hindi: "They stole our equipment!!" What did you say?. I actually had no idea what he'd said, but I yelled at him as if i did. It was the only thing I could think of at that moment. No!!! He's lying! The policeman looked at me confused and started dragging my ass out of the cafe. T was right behind me. Gorov looked at me and had the nerve to say to me: "Sorry, I am just doing my job. You understand?" Then he went back to bad mouthing me and yelling in Hindi. It was an unbelievable transformation that happened right in front of my eyes. I was astounded. Dumbfounded. I had never ever seen someone so vile and backstabbing convert in plain sight. And there I was being dragged by airport soldiers, all wearing red berets and military uniforms. I was a criminal to everyone watching. And my only crime was trying to return to my superficial meaningless life in L.A. Little did I know.